Healthy Weight Loss Getting into Ketosis 101

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The latest trend and craze in the world of nutrition and weight loss is the ketosis diet. The history of the ketosis diet goes way back to the 1920s. Initially, it was designed to treat children representing epileptic seizures, which proved to be successful. These outcomes are what have made the world to give it a second glance. It seems to have lived up to its name of performing wonders where formally, there’s been none in other nutritional diets.

The end game for most keto dieters is to lose weight safely and quickly. Again, the primary objective is to shed unwanted body fat, but also to maintain what they have achieved regarding weight cut.

Healthy Weight Loss Getting into Ketosis 101

What is ketosis?

To understand the numerous benefits of the ketosis diet, it is also important to start from the base, knowing exactly what ketosis is. It is a natural metabolic process that takes place right inside your body. The body takes upon itself to start burning calories and fat. The primary reason for this is that at this juncture, the body lacks the glucose that is necessary to use as fuel and energy.

Again, without glucose in your system, there is an accumulation of acids in the body. These acids are the ones known as ketones.

How long it takes to get into ketosis

According to the Daily Nutrition, the time it takes to get into ketosis differs from one individual to another. No situation is similar, and it means that for some people the process could take just a matter of days, while for others, it could make as much as a week. It all depends on an individual’s body composition and reaction to the ketosis diet.

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However, the fact that the average body stores glucose for just about two days, it’s possible for most people to get to ketosis in a couple of days, too. The reason is that once your body gets depleted of all the blood sugar which is a source of glucose, and it usually does so in two days, you automatically get into ketosis.

If you take steps to cut on carbs, or if you have not eaten any meal for a while, the body gets drained of the natural energy it has always relied on especially form carbs, and it looks for other sources of energy.

How is ketosis useful for weight loss?

The reason as to why the keto diet has continued to grow in popularity is it its selling point as a dietary tool for considerable weight loss. Again, it is a process that takes a short while to manifest positive outcomes. Based on credible information from Konscious Keto individuals who took part in the keto-based diet experienced significant weight-loss results. Studies conducted indicate that compared to a low-fat diet, a low-carb diet witnessed substantial weight loss among participants.

What are the reasons that contribute to weight loss in ketosis?

There are some reasons why the keto diet works as a credible weight-loss dietary tool.

  • There is a restriction in calories. By outing limitations on the number of carbs to be consumed; this also means that the number of calories get low. The impact of low calories consumption is of course weight loss — the body, in this case, becomes a fat-burning machine. So, the lower the amount of carbs and calories, the more the body turns on the fats and burns them to ultimate weight loss in a short time.
  • Higher protein and fat diets come with abundant health benefits, but it’s also because proteins are known to make a person feel full quite quickly. As a result, you do not feel hungry frequently. But as that is happening, there is an evident depletion in the glycogen stores, and the body is overworking in the fat-burning department.
  • Water depletion- the natural composition of your body, involves glycogen as that which stores glucose, this glucose is usually bound with water, this means that the moment you have a depletion of glucose, water is also lost. By losing water, weight loss happens quite fast.
  • Appetite suppression – the keto diet is widely known as an appetite suppressant. The reason is both proteins and fats tend to make a person feel full even while they are running on an empty stomach. Lack of appetite for food accelerates the weight loss process. At the same time, your body is also burning fat 24/7 and has all the access to energy reserves that have been in storage for months, even years. This naturally works to reduce feelings of hunger. With such a scenario, you each much less, while losing significant amounts of weight at the same time.

Benefits of ketosis

Apart from losing a lot of body fat while in ketosis, there are definite advantages for your body. According to Eating Well, the benefits include:

  • Increased mental focus – being into ketosis allows a continuous flow of energy into your brain, and you become alert and quick. There is more stability in blood sugar, putting an end to unnecessary sluggishness and lethargy.
  • It promotes physical stamina and endurance. Although in a few days you are deprived of glycogen, you benefit from the massive stores of fat. These stores can last for a very long time, and especially if you are replenishing them with good healthy fats. Unlike in the carb store where there times when this energy may not be accessible, and you have to feed it once more, the fat stores are instantly handy and available.
Benefits of ketosis


Getting into ketosis for weight loss purposes is easy. The best way to go about this is to restrict your carbs to low levels, and smaller portions of about 20 gms each day. It’s as simple as that, and the outcome of such an undertaking is ketosis.

The benefits are almost instant, because the moment you go low on the carb consumption, it is the same moment the body starts doing what it’s supposed to do, which is burning the fats. Besides, you benefit from a significant mental focus. This is because constant energies are rushing and refreshing through your brain,  24/7 after you have entered into ketosis.

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