The Cost of FUT Hair Transplant in India

Cost of FUT Hair Transplant in India
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The geographical region and pattern have a widespread impact on the procedure of hair transplant cost. These days, the value of medical tourism is evolving and the globalization effect on the healthcare industries cannot be ignored! Everything is gained their importance by weighing the mass appeal and so a huge competition is revolving with every concern of process, procedure, technique, and technology to make the thing widest possible in reach and getting the best benefits with the utmost concern of the satisfied outcomes.

The hair transplant industries gain their relevancy from the last decade and every economic and geographical background people are keen to receive the surgery if affected by the hair loss problem. The hair loss problem is a very common problem and a number of patients across the nation seeking treatment at budget-cost option with the special impact of the aesthetic result must be given by the expert surgeon of the procedure.

Why international People visit India and join the medical tourism in the context of the hair transplant of surgery is best described below:

  1. The Concerning Surgeon and the Technician: As we all know that India is an incredible destination to cater people in terms of great hospitality. The surgeon who practicing the service in India have global exposure due to their participation towards innovation and advancement in the surgery and gain a remarkable presence among the top level of the national as well as international hair restoration societies. The surgeon is only one who is responsible for offering the true aesthetic concern of the procedure and the technicians who support the job must be skilled and experienced. The technicians of India clinics have an in-depth understanding and are very courteous towards helping the surgical procedure, especially for the graft dissection job that needs an extreme surgical precision and perfection.
  2. The Competent facilities and the best amenities: The hair clinic established in India has a main advantage towards satisfaction of the clients/patient by offering them world-class facilities and services at an Indian cost attract both the national and foreign patients. The facilities include the standard parameters and a top level of hygienic measure to support the surgical concern of the procedure. The use of cutting-edge technology makes the procedure easier and helps in achieving the great outcomes.
  3. The low cost of the Procedure: Per graft cost in India is very low and generally ranges from Rs 25-120 INR/. The cost can be the best motivating factor that influences the patients to get the procedure done in India. As a matter of fact, the cost of the procedure in India, especially in Jaipur & Delhi is around 75% less than that the procedure’s cost applicable in the western nations.
  4. The Medical tourism Aspect: The medical tourism graph demonstrated in the recent year revealed that around 80% of hair transplant surgeries are being done in India and people from all the geographical spheres are interested in joining the medical tourism in India. The cities that attract the clients to visit India include the Pink city, Jaipur, the capital, Delhi and in south region it is Bangalore and Pune. The medical tourism is in bloom in India and contributing the role of heavy revenue generation boosts Indian healthcare industries with the fairest deal.
  5. The Restoration Method: There are two accepted techniques in the hair restoration world, i.e., the FUT and the FUE technique. The cost of the FUT hair transplant in India easily comes under an affordable cost option along with the plus benefit of giving the true value result in comparison to the FUE extraction method. However, it is a wise decision to select the technique with the strip/FUT method to fulfill the permanent outcomes of the procedure.


The cost concern has a major role in deciding the procedure destination and people are keen to go through all the options that can in-build the information, idea, and knowledge towards a safe and result-oriented hair transplant surgery.

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